I was born 1990 in Ocala, Florida. My father was stationed in Germany. We moved back to the states in 1993.
I started gymnastics at Texas Tumblers at age 5.
I wanted to be a Power Ranger and do flips and kicks!
After my parents separated I continued to train and go to school. At age 9 my mom got a teaching job in Austin.
We lived in Walburg TX.

I started training at Capital with Brandy Wood, and Mark Yahnzi.
We drove 45 min trip to train with them over 25 hours a week, excelling to levels 9/10.
My favorite events were Floor Exercise, Still Rings, and High bar.
Pommel Horse was my Kryptonite.

I still enjoy doing gymnastics! In my free time I run with my dog, exercise, bike and skateboard. COOK! EAT!
I'm also a Personal Trainer with Camp Gladiator, 5 days a week!
I love what I do and never work a day in my life!