I fell in love with gymnastics during the 1984 Olympics when Mitch Gaylord performed the very risky release move on horizontal bar. The skill was named after him: The Gaylord Flip. I was 3 years old, and I have been in love with gymnastics ever since.

I was not able to officially begin my gymnastics training until I was 10 years old. Once I was in the gym, my mom had to drag me out. I made team within the first year of training and loved every second I worked out; including conditioning. I practiced 6 days a week by choice. I knew when I was about 12 that I wanted to someday become a coach. I wanted to share my love for the sport with young gymnasts who shared the same feeling.

During high school, I participated in a couple of sports, including gymnastics, swimming and cheerleading. Needless to say, I was quite busy and tired through those years. In college, I competed springboard diving and swimming. I never quit gymnastics; the school I attended did not have a gymnastics team, so diving was the next best thing. I placed 6 at Nationals overall.

I began coaching gymnastics during college and soon realized that the goal I set for myself when I was 12, to become a coach, was a true calling for me. I love to coach and have been coaching ever since. It has been 14 years since I began my coaching career, and I see no end. I love coaching the sport that I have always been in love with.

I now share the same love of the sport with my son, Tyler, who also attends Zero Gravity. He loves Coach Andrew, even when he is asked to do challenging tasks. My younger son, Logan, also attends gymnastics here and has a love for flipping. I guess it’s a family thing! What can I say? We like to hang out upside down!

My love for the sport spilled over into my own kids, as well as all the kids I have coached. I have had three students receive scholarships to college due to their gymnastics training. I am very proud of them and still keep in touch with them through Facebook. I will always love gymnastics, and I will always coach. I hope to see some of your kids out on the mats!